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PixelsToLife is a digital design agency based in Hampshire with over 15 years experience in the digital design and online marketing industries. Our knowledge and experience enables us to not only make things look awesome, but also to make them work well for your business too.

Work experiences range from kitchen-start up businesses right through to multi-billion dollar organisations. This length and breadth approach to clients and projects gives PixelsToLife the edge over other agencies.

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Web Design, Graphic Design, Print Design, Logo Design, Photo Manipulation


Specialist in all things design, we can create the assets you require to grow you business.
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Web Development, Ecommerce, Content Management Systems, SEO


Engage, promote and convert in a digitally demanding world with our custom development solutions.
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Brand & Identity, Video & Animation, Marketing Content


More than just a logo, we can create and propel your identity online and offline, through multiple channels and assets.
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Marketing Strategies, Digital Campaigns, Social Media


You need an effective strategy to grow your business. We can help define your objectives and targets to construct a clear plan of action.
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What we can do for you…

Skills & Services We Offer

As a full-stack digital design agency we can cater for any project of any size.
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Web Design

The digital shop window to your business, your website is one of the first touch points for your customer.
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Branding & Identity

More than just a logo, your brand and identity includes tone-of-voice, mission statement and company values, all entwined into your visible assets.
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Graphic & Print Design

Still very much a part of business, print work can support the majority of marketing campaigns.
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Video & Animation

Videos and animations are a great way to convey huge chunks of information into small, bitesize pieces. Educate, inform and entertain your audience.
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Web Development

With a variety of solutions and applications out there, the world wide web is full of jargon and tech talk. All you need is a system that serves your needs.
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Digital Marketing

Build trust and engage your audience with well-written content and assets. Provide solutions and express your personality.
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Our Projects…

What We've Been Working On

The proof is very much in the pudding! Discover some of our latest and greatest projects which incorporate a full range of digital design, development and marketing skills.


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