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About PixelsToLife

It’s The Little Things That We Do Differently

At PixelsToLife we have over 15 years professional experience in the world of digital design, computer graphics and online marketing.

Our customer base and work experience ranges from kitchen-start up businesses right through to multi-billion dollar organisations. This length and breadth approach to clients and projects gives PixelsToLife the edge over other agencies.

We can make small business look grandiose and we can make big business look and sound like industry leaders.

Wherever you fit in the scale of business, PixelsToLife can Design, Develop, Create and Consult on the digital assets your business needs to grow.

Nathan Jacobs

Senior Digital Designer & Owner

Meet The Owner

PixelsToLife is owned and run by Nathan Jacobs, Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation from the University of Portsmouth.

As a freehand artist, it seemed a natural progression to transit into computer graphics when home computers became more accessible and commonplace back in the mid to late 90’s.

With an inquisitive mind towards the inner workings of things, Nathan’s artistic abilities were soon complimented with front-end development skills, and a keen interest in motion graphics.

His career to date has seen him working for businesses in London, Portsmouth and Fareham, from small UK businesses to large, multinational organisations.

Why choose us…


With many digital design agencies to choose from, why should you work with PixelsToLife?


Our designers are highly-trained, professional individuals with industry recognised qualifications and years of industry experience.

Attention to Detail

All about the finer details, PixelsToLife has the sole aim at helping your business and brand reach its fullest potential.

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